The Atlessio Family: Star Atlas First Mafia Family

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Led by the sophisticated mafia boss, Don Kane, the Atlessio Family is the first mafia themed guild to emerge in the Star Atlas metaverse. With a robust guiding document, the Atlessio family was formally founded in the fall of 2021 Earth Standard Years. Shrugging off the instant gratification problems of the contemporary blockchain gaming industry, the Atlessio Family instead seeks to build a lasting organization founded on family loyalty.

Don’t let the brutish looks and gang theme fool you. What Atlessio makes clear is that while it may be a mafia-themed guild, its organization and its leaders do not condone any criminal activity. Taking on an almost anti-hero like persona, the Atlessio Family strives to counteract the trappings of traditional world system governance. Existing governance systems, riddled with corruption and fraud inhibit the equal distribution of wealth leaving many to seek alternative means for living sustainability.

With this vision in mind, the Atlessio Family provides opportunity for its members to establish themselves within an organization that will return their loyalty in kind. The Atlessio Family is currently in their first of four phases of development. Presently, the Atlessio family is focused on establishing “familial bonds with one another” in preparation for future growth throughout the metaverse. Titled “The Birth of a Family”, phase one will lay the foundation for the future of the Atlessio Family’s revenue generation processes and distributed earnings amongst its members.

How does one become a family member?

New members to The Atlessio Family start off as associates. The majority of TAF rank and file, the gateway to recognition within the Atlessio Family lies in its value structure. New associates quickly learn what it means to be a member of the Family.

From the Atlessio white paper:

The Tenets of Value serve to provide ambitious Associates with guidance in their journey to becoming Made.

Loyalty To demonstrate loyalty, one must commit to the Atlessio Family and reject all positions of elevated rank in competitors’ organizations. Infidelity to the organization at the Made level should be considered the highest form of treason.

Respect There are two forms of respect: Basic and Meritorious. Basic respect is a natural-born right that does not have to be earned. Meritorious respect is earned, and Associates should pay that respect forward to all members denominated as Made. Infringement of either forms of respect will be met with potential ban from the organization.

Consistency Many Associates will come and go as the organization progresses overtime. Those that will be inducted to become Made must prove consistency of engagement with the organization. One cannot simply provide superior value in a short amount of time to the organization and expect to immediately become Made. Associates are not allowed to be inducted as a Made Member within 30 days of their introduction to the organization.

Productive Output The Atlessio Family prides itself on superior production quality in all aspects of the organization. Each department provides some form of production value that bolsters the presence of the Atlessio Family as a whole. To learn more about the production value of each department, please reach out to the respective soldiers in the organization.

These values of Loyalty, Respect, Consistency, and Output form the foundation for any associate that wishes to continue their rise through the ranks of the Family. Once an associate has become “Made”, their journey through Atlessio’s rank structure mirrors many military rank structures.

With its soldiers and officers , the Atlessio Family is building an organization that is perhaps one of the most tight-knit groups in Star Atlas. Led by the Godfather himself, Don Kane, Atlessio Family has become a household name within the Star Atlas community.

To the everyday citizen, the title of mob boss may seem like a shadowy moniker for an idealistic group such as Atlessio. “Mob boss” harkens imagery of the 1920’s Earth prohibition era where mafias held significant power in large cities. Rival mafias would often engage in violent street battles leading to unintentional citizen injury and death. However, the Atlessio Family is nothing like the sort of petty thugs that roamed the streets of Earth’s New York and Chicago. Mafia bosses often met untimely deaths as their groups vied for power. While previous mafias have been relegated to dusty old textbooks and holo-reels, the Atlessio Family is just beginning to write its story.

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