Star Atlas Tops Ethereum and Polygon For Daily Transactions

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In just two weeks since the launch of its recent alpha game test, SAGE Labs, Star Atlas has flipped both Ethereum and Polygon chains for the number of daily transactions.

Star Atlas On The Rise

Just a few months ago, the only thing the Web3 media circuit would discuss on Star Atlas was it’s eventual downfall. After the disaster fallout from SBF’s FTX fiasco and the layoff of over two-thirds of it’s work force, Star Atlas became the public punching bag of popular media influencers like Crypto Stache.

With a changed development strategy and more agile team, however, Star Atlas is now making waves in the crypto gaming scene.

Star Atlas now accounts for more than 15% of daily Solana transaction volume, logging more than 2 million transactions a day. This metric, made only possible by Solana’s blockchain technology, outpaces the daily transactions conducted on alternative popular chains like Ethereum and Polygon.

Source: Flipside | Photo Credit: Siggy

Star Atlas Launches Massive P2E Economy

The advent of Star Atlas Sage Labs kicks off one of the largest online economies in Web3. Players can craft and mine resources and ship components which they can in turn sell to other players or keep for themselves.

With several thousands of ships available for player redemption, the surge in daily transaction volume will increase as more players are onboarded into the game.

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