Star Atlas To Sell $5 Million Dollar Titan Ships

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In the wake of the FTX fallout which negatively impacted game developer Automata, the company behind Star Atlas announced a series of upcoming sales to help raise new revenue.

Beginning on Wednesday, November 23rd, three Titan class ships will be listed on the Star Atlas marketplace. The Titans will retail for $1 million dollars initially, an 80% markdown from their $5 million dollar valuation.

Every week thereafter, the price for each Titan will increase by $500,000, reaching $2.5 million by the end of Week 4. At the end of 4 weeks, any unsold Titan ships will be delisted from the Star Atlas marketplace to be sold at a future date.

Should any of these ‘Titans’ sell, it would be the second largest single item purchase in a video game to date. The current most expensive video game item ever sold was Planet Calypso in Entropia which sold for $6 million dollars.

Buyers in a Bear Market

The 2022 bear market has been a harsh environment for blockchain games. Nevertheless, potential buyers are lining up to be one of the first Titan purchasers in the history of Star Atlas. The three most prominent guilds in Star Atlas — Quimera, The Club, and Aephia Industries are all predicted to be in strong financial positions to become Titan owners.

The sale of Titan ships is part of Star Atlas’s SAGE: Start Sequence, an initiative by the game developer to ramp up player interest prior to a test launch of its Star Atlas Golden Era browser game towards the end of the year.

Community sentiment remains mixed, mostly due to the overall bear market conditions and FTX contagion. On the positive side, players are looking forward to purchasing Central Space Station Land Sales and mining claims.

Three Titans For Sale

Pearce T1

Busan The Last Stand Mk. VIII

Fimbul ECOS Superphoenix

The sale of Titans begins on November 23 at 12 pm Eastern Standard Time. Don’t forget to follow and subscribe to find out who becomes the million dollar owner of these high-valued assets.

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