First Impressions: Star Atlas Stress Test and 1000 Player Lobby

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Stress Testing In Star Atlas: An Unexpected Adventure

Star Atlas, in collaboration with partner company Metagravity, recently held a stress test seeking to accomplish a monumental feat in the gaming world: a lobby hosting 1000 players simultaneously.

During the live stream event, Beyond the Horizon and his co-pilot inadvertently stumbled upon the still in-progress Star Atlas photo event. With no contextof the ongoing proceedings, they inadvertently crashed the event, sparking surprise and amusement.

After initially exploring the Star Atlas showroom, Beyond the Horizon and his co-pilot encountered numerous other players, marking their first experience with multiplayer setup in Star Atlas. A noteworthy aspect of the experience was the opportunity to interact with other players in the virtual world.

Unexpectedly, Beyond the Horizon and his co-pilot found themselves in the midst of a family photo moment with multiple other players, garnering a unique real-time glimpse into the collective Star Atlas community.

The stress test, aiming for a massive lobby accommodating 1000 players, was filled with bugs, which, while expected, led to entertaining scenarios. In fact, live footages of anomalies like players moon-walking were shared in real-time, adding a dose of humor to the community experience.

Though the end results of the number of participants who came together for the stress test weren’t clear, it was undoubtedly an invaluable insight into the cooperative community spirit that characterizes the gaming realm. It also showcased the potential for enhanced user experience that such enormous multiplayer setups can herald in the future.

As Star Atlas continues to work on these large-scale tests and make improvements, more such participatory events can be anticipated in the future, promising the gaming community thrilling and dynamic interactive experiences in the expansive Star Atlas metaverse.

Compiled from first-hand experiences of Beyond the Horizon and his co-pilot, this adventurous escapade personifies the essence of Star Atlas: an exhilarating journey into uncharted territories, filled with discovery, challenges and an enduring sense of community.

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  1. @dougphillups3344 19 January 2024 at 10:37 - Reply

    Dude, love how every time your boy shoots someone you play 90s gangster rap 😂 lmao

  2. @user-tu8yq3wx7h 19 January 2024 at 10:38 - Reply

    Funny video! Great seeing the whole community together!

  3. @TheCryptoCadet-sl7jo 19 January 2024 at 10:40 - Reply

    You two are both a menace to the game! Love all the sound effects!!

  4. @user-jq5lu6mb7c 19 January 2024 at 10:42 - Reply

    You guys were having WAY more fun than we were in the discord. We had to stand there forever while pictures were being taken. Poor dom kept crashing while trying to take pictures so it took a while . I’m on the left side during family photo ❤

  5. @Penumbra_Wyverns 19 January 2024 at 14:16 - Reply

    I think this is too much pressure for the Star Atlas devs tbh.

  6. @MechMan2076 19 January 2024 at 16:00 - Reply

    Max I saw were 141 players…

  7. @Siggy_SA_ 20 January 2024 at 04:49 - Reply

    That was a really funny video!

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