Explore Star Atlas: Pearce X4 Ships & GAO NFT Drops Unveiled

By Published On: 3 September 2021

Star Atlas Launches Galactic Asset Offering (GAO) NFT Drops

Hologram News Network announces the upcoming launch of the Star Atlas Galactic Asset Offering (GAO) NFT drops on September 7, due to make their maiden voyage into the Galactic Marketplace. Star Atlas seeks to further immerse players in this futuristic gaming metaverse through blockchain, real-time graphics and multiplayer gaming, all underpinned by decentralized financial technologies.

The GAO aims to provide players with the opportunity to acquire unique, value-bearing assets within the Star Atlas universe. A comprehensive NFT brochure detailing these innovative assets is now available for those interested in learning more.

In addition to the NFT GAO, Star Atlas has launched a comprehensive website overhaul, to provide users a seamless navigation experience.

Brought to life with the cutting-edge Unreal 5 graphics, Star Atlas offers a realistic, immersive experience that hands over the destiny of an entire galaxy to gamers. Explore, conquer, and earn in this final frontier where state-of-the-art technology and imagination combine to redefine the gaming metaverse.

With its continual advancements, Star Atlas continues its irrepressible march towards becoming one of the most innovative and engaging gaming universes. Join Star Atlas as it breaks boundaries and expands horizons, propelling the players into a future where the possibilities are as vast as the cosmos itself.

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