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Press Release: ECOS Holdings acquires Superphoenix Titan

By Published On: 10 April 2024

SuperPhoenix DAO Offers Dedicated Ownership of the Star Atlas Superphoenix Titan

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Galia, April 10, 2024 – ECOS SP Holdings, LLC is embarking on a visionary mission to expand the virtual economy of the Star Atlas metaverse while offering a unique collectivized ownership to the citizens of Star Atlas.  ECOS SP Holdings is announcing that the company has entered into and finalized a purchase agreement with ATMTA, Inc to acquire the ECOS Superphoenix Titan.

The Superphoenix Titan will be governed by the Super Phoenix DAO, comprised of members of the Star Atlas Community. Across several phases of development, the Superphoenix Titan will offer development and growth opportunities for the Super Phoenix DAO, representing one of the single most decentralized DAO efforts dedicated to the advancement of both the Star Atlas ecosystem and the Super Phoenix DAO.

As Star Atlas further develops it’s Unreal Engine 5 gameplay environment, the Superphoenix Titan is positioned to be one of the greatest social and entertainment venues in the digital environment. In the future, the Superphoenix will host several activities including arenas, theatres, hotels, social hubs, and digital commerce attractions. The Superphoenix aims to be a hub of social activity within the Star Atlas metaverse, with additional incentives for Super Phoenix DAO members. Membership to the Super Phoenix DAO will be represented by a number of Ember DAO tokens and non-fungible tokens representing exclusive or VIP access to the Superphoenix ship and its venues in the Unreal Engine 5 environment.

The Super Phoenix DAO is founded by Craig Mahoney aka Njord and supported by an amazing team with a solely dedicated commitment to Star Atlas. Acquisition of the Superphoenix Titan presents an opportunity directly to the Star Atlas community to partake in ownership of one of the largest in-game digital assets ever made.

For more information on the Super Phoenix DAO follow on X or join the conversation in Discord.

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