Star Atlas SCORE Badge Rewards Confirmed by Michael Wagner

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During the Star Atlas Town Hall, CEO Michael Wagner fully confirmed SCORE badge rewards are coming for long term participants in the SCORE module. While the rewards were not specified, Wagner stated “That the rewards would carry over into the SCREAM module and would have benefit there.”

Given that piece of information that badge rewards will carry over into SCREAM, there are a few guess as to what these rewards can be. In the above shared photo of SCREAM, Ship experience levels can be seen in the left hand display column. It is well known that SCORE badges represent the experience level of fleets participating in SCORE. A possible reward is that fleets that earn these badges will start with an experience bonus or head-start at the beginning of SCREAM.

Alternatively, SCORE badges could be used to reward fleets with bonus experienced crew members or modules. Lead SCREAM Director Chip has discussed that the effectiveness of a fleet in SCREAM will be influenced by crew and module mechanics. In SCORE, a ship’s effectiveness at ATLAS emissions was directly proportional to a particular ships volume-weighted average price or VWAP.

The Hologram previously reported on SCORE badge rewards during their initial tease a month ago.1

Update 6/15/22

Early today, Star Atlas CEO Michael Wagner confirmed that SCORE badges will be cumulative in nature. Each unique fleet within a commander’s overall armada will receive the requisite badge earned. For example, if a person owns seven types of ships, and each ship has earned the Veteran badge, then the player will receive seven of the Veteran level rewards. The number of ships within a fleet will not increase the number of rewards received.

Wagner did continue to say that the rewards gained would only provide a little boost to commanders, thus reducing the likelihood that badges will provide a significant advantage in SCREAM.

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