Star Atlas Land and Player Habitat Sales Begins In December

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On Friday night, Star Atlas broke the news that they would begin sales of Star Atlas land and player habitats in December. Land and player habitats during this round of sales will come with discounts, airdrops, and whitelisting for future land plot placement.

Star Atlas land sales will begin in December of 2022, last for 4 weeks, and will feature a series of decreasing discounts over time. The total supply of land available during this sale period represents 10% of total land supply. Prices will be announced at a future date.

Star Atlas Land and Player Habitat Sale Schedule

  • Week 1–15% discount, 2.5% of total supply
  • Week 2–10% discount, 2.5% of total supply
  • Week 3–5% discount, 2.5% of total supply
  • Week 4–0 discount, 2.5% of total supply

Purchasing land will allow players to claim residence on one of the three Star Atlas faction’s Central Space Stations. Land purchased during this period will come with a player habitat. Land purchased after this period will require habitats to be purchased separately.

Additional Land Features

  • Personal crafting stations and crafting bonuses
  • Increased cargo storage
  • Private ship landing pads
  • Housing customization
  • Whitelist for future land sales

Star Atlas Space Station District Modeling

Star Atlas Land Tiers

Star Atlas land will come in 6 tiers. Buyers that purchase land during this period will also receive an exclusive ship skin, a number of ships, and a commemorative player profile badge.

  • Tier 0 — No Ships
  • Tier 1 — Calico Scud
  • Tier 2 — Calico Scud and Calico Maxhog
  • Tier 3 — Ogrika Niruch, Calico Scud and Calico Maxhog
  • Tier 4 — Opal Rayfam, Ogrika Niruch, Calico Scud and Calico Maxhog
  • Tier 5 — Fimbul Mamba EX, Ogrika Niruch, Calico Scud and Calico Maxhog

Land is a highly sought after commodity in metaverse games like The The Sandboxand Decentraland. Star Atlas will likely be no different.

If you’re interested in learning more about Star Atlas and Land Sales, hop into the Star Atlas Discord.

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