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Star Atlas ‘Score Versus Sage’ Episode 4 Features Sly Groove’s Lab Assistant

In the fourth episode of the popular ‘Score versus Sage’ series, the focus shifted to the community-made project ‘Lab Assistant’. The tool has been meticulously crafted by Sly Groove and his guildmates from the Shadow Loyal Guild. The episode detailed its various intricacies and subsequently, how it can assist players.

The episode’s host shared his experience of just barely outperforming the score by using Sage. However, he emphatically clarified that this does not render Sage ineffective but was a result of his play style that day. He expressed his intent to try different tactics and utilize various community tools to win by a larger margin next time.

Sly Groove’s ‘Lab Assistant’ came around as one of the most recommended tools for easing the gaming experience in Star Atlas. Sly Groove himself had introduced the tool to the Star Atlas community in a previous Atlas Brew number 90 recording. The tool was praised for its abilities to set up gaming loops for scanning, transporting, and mining.

Those interested in applying the tool will find an easy-to-follow guide by Satoshi Mama to install the Lab Assistant. It involves installing TamperMonkey and downloading the Lab Assistant from GitHub. However, players are reminded that their fleets need to be undocked before running Lab Assistant.

The episode concluded with an open invitation to players with unique ideas that can benefit the community to share their thoughts. The host also suggested a charitable act of periodically contributing a little something for Sly Groove and his team for their altruistic creation.

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  1. @Speybo 25 January 2024 at 15:55 - Reply

    Very good video and well explained by SatoshiMama2

  2. @SLY_Shadow_Loyal 25 January 2024 at 20:37 - Reply

    We are honored and humbled for the mention. We hope our tools can continue to add value to the community. This series is absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much to BTH and SatoshiMama for the incredible content, time, and dedication.

  3. @infolowy 26 January 2024 at 00:36 - Reply

    really good content, thanks for the sharing 🙏

  4. @MM-bg1vq 26 January 2024 at 07:28 - Reply

    Does it need an auto confirmation for the program to run when we are at work? I use a phantom wallet. Thank you friends

  5. @Gusterov_ 27 January 2024 at 00:58 - Reply

    This is amazing i try and i stop ,how safe is this installation, how many people try this project..???

  6. @intergalacticherald 28 January 2024 at 05:08 - Reply

    Based on the current state of the browser products for Star Atlas, to me, the way forward needs to be automation tools. I have no problem with SAGE as a way to interact with the economy of Star Atlas. But, the current interface isn't fun or engaging and takes way too much time between steps. I think it either needs to be more real-time like a RTS game or longer time like a turn-based game. Many of us have other parts of our lives that are way higher priority than clicking some buttons in a web browser.

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