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One of the fastest growing communities in the Star Atlas metaverse, The Supernova Racing League brings together some of the biggest guilds under one roof. Amidst the talk of combat, mining, data running and bounty hunting, Supernova Racing brings a new activity to the Star Atlas metaverse. Boasting a whopping 24 racing teams in its first week, SRL has ignited a buzz on the prospect of star ship races. Aephia Industries, Atlessio Family, and Quimera are but a few of the most notable names already in the league. Famous Star Atlas citizens such as The Moon Man and DaoCaster have created their own teams. SRL has attracted the attention of the Star Atlas team, spurring members like Chypto and Santi to wade into the competitive racing scene

Moon Man Team Logo

The SRL was initially founded by Deep Profits members CryptoSonic, DRUMCARLO5, and FowlAC. In wake of the early 2022 crypto bear market, Star Atlas faced increasing fear, uncertainty, and doubt, or FUD, from dissatisfied investors. It was then that the founding three sought to create an organization that could unite the Star Atlas community and give it something positive to look forward to. Since SRL activities are focused on creating community competition and engagement, discussion is less focused on economic volatility and investor sentiment. Having gained the attention of Star Atlas developers as a source of positive communal engagement, founders CryptoSonic and DRUMCARLO5 were recently guest on Star Atlas’ weekly community touchpoint.

In addition to the initial 24 racing teams, SRL has gained the attention of notable sponsors. The ever popular hangout, The Bounty Bar, is one of the first founding sponsor of the SRL. Media giant, Star Atlas TV, has also put their weight behind the effort to include an upcoming spotlight on the league. The third sponsor is Polaris Fuel, a intergalactic distributor of space ship petrol. With a bright future ahead, the team behind SRL is nearing completion on the first phase of their operations. Completion of team organization, logos, and membership will mark an achievement in the league’s history. Coordination for SRL’s first official event will be shortly underway in what will surely be a momentous occasion.

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