Quick Ways to Buy ATLAS with Solana and USDC

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The Easiest Ways to Obtain Star Atlas Tokens

Desire for the Atlas Token, the in-game currency for Star Atlas, is increasing among players; however, some struggle to find it on centralized exchanges. This article will guide you through the most effortless and versatile routes to acquire Atlas.

In the United States, most accessible exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, or KuCoin do not currently list the Atlas token. Instead, players can take advantage of decentralized exchanges, utilizing either Solana or USDC to easily make the swap for Atlas Tokens.

The Atlas token, along with the entire Star Atlas play-to-earn blockchain game, is constructed on the Solana Blockchain.

For US citizens, one straightforward approach involves purchasing Solana via Coinbase, moving it to a crypto wallet, and then swapping it for Atlas tokens using a decentralized exchange like Orca or Jupiter. This method is achievable due to excellent wallets with integrated decentralized exchanges directly built into them such as Phantom. To learn how to install a Phantom wallet on your browser, you can check out our guide here. 

Once in possession of Atlas Tokens, you may consider staking them within the Star Atlas Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The DAO rewards you with POLIS, Star Atlas‘s governance token if you stake Atlas tokens.

It’s worth noting that you need a small amount of Solana in your wallet to finalize the transaction.

Star Atlas continues to expand, and holding Atlas Tokens is a way to participate in and benefit from its growth.

Remember that investing in tokens or cryptocurrencies involves risk and should be done wisely and under advice from financial experts.

Before making any investment, including in Atlas Tokens, it is advisable to conduct due diligence and research.

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