Heimdall Industries: Building Viking Longships to Starships

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Heimdall Industries is a Viking themed guild dedicated to becoming expert ship builders like their early ancestors. Led by Kings VikingenBenny, Ragnar Lothbrook and HeimĂ°all, this Ustur guild will be producing the finest starships this side of the quadrant in no time.

What is Heimdall Industries?

Heimdall Industries is a Star Atlas industrial-centric Viking lorified guild. Heimdall Industries belongs to the Ustur faction and is focused on becoming the best ship builders in the Star Atlas metaverse. Like the Vikings of the middle-ages who expertly built the longship, Heimdall Industries applies that Viking heritage to the space faring age. Their goal: to bring prosperity and protection to its community.

Heimdall Industries is heavily steeped in Norse lore and mythology. Named after the Norse god Heimdall, Heimdall Industries lends much of its heritage to the Norse traditions of old. While popular shows like Vikings have glorified the barbaric nature of the Norse clans, Heimdall Industries strives for a more peaceful vision in the Star Atlas metaverse.

Anyone wishing to embark on their Viking adventure with Heimdall Industries can visit their webpage here. Alternatively, join their discord here.

Who is Heimdall?

In Norse mythology, Heimdall is a god who keeps watch for invaders and the onset of Ragnarok. From his perch guarding the rainbow bridge Bifrost, Heimdall possesses foreknowledge and keen senses, particularly eyesight and hearing. Heimdall is seen as the first protector of the home of the Norse pantheon and the citizens of Asgard. In line with its goal of protecting and providing for its citizens, Heimdall was chosen as the patron god for Heimdall Indsutries.

Heimdall Industries Organizational Structure

Heimdall industries is comprised of three distinct sections, each led by a Jarl. Jarl is the Norse term for Chief. Jarls within Heimdall Industries are considered the officers of the guild.

Manufacturing and mining (Knarresmedir and Smedir)
The backbone of Heimdall Industries’ mission, the Knarresmedir and Smedir of Heimdall Industries seek to continue the long and proud tradition of Viking craftmanship. Each member is dedicated to producing high quality products, whether that be mining resources, refining materials, or completing ships at the highest level. An owner of a Heimdall Industries ship can have peace of mind knowing their ship will not fail them.

The ancient Norse Vikings were expert builders of the longship. The longships were designed to be graceful, long, narrow and light, with a shallow hull designed for speed. This allowed the Vikings to traverse many shallow waterways that were unreachable by heavier European galleons. The longship was vital to Viking way of life, seeing heavy use for trading, exploration, and combat.

Exploring (Vikingur)
The Vikingur, or explorers, of Heimdall Industries are of the adventurous spirit and curious mind. Their goal is to discover new lands, planets, and trade routes for the betterment of The Heimdall Clan. The establishment of trading partners and trade routes is essential to the success of any industrial organization.

The Vikings of the early Middle Ages were excellent tradesmen and explorers. In their expertly built longboats, the Vikings of Nordic lands explored much of Europe and reached as far as North Africa. Norse travelers and traders would make the journey on foot to places as far away as modern day Russia and Turkey. The most famous Viking explorer of all, Leiv Eiriksson (Leif Erikson), is believed to have been the first European to set foot on the North American continent, almost 500 years before Christopher Columbus.

Security Force (Hird)
Known as The Hird, Heimdall Industries Security Force makes up the third section of the guild. The Hird, in Scandinavian history came to mean not only the nucleus of the royal army, but developed into a more formal royal court. The purpose of Heimdall Industries’ Security Force is the protection of Heimdall Industries’ transport ships and space stations. Thus, The Hird can be considered as a protectorate of its people and its allies. Unless provoked, I would not expect to see The Hird of Heimdall Industries conduct provocative actions against its neighbors.

Heimdall Industries Ranks

Heimdall Industries borrows heavily from Norse clan structure. One can expect to make their way up the hierarchal chain to achieve status as a Jarl, or well renowned officer. The full Heimdall Industries rank structure is broken down below:

The Kings (Kongur)

Interestingly, Heimdall Industries has three kings listed. They are VikingenBenny, Ragnar Lothbrook and HeimĂ°all.

The Council (Ăžing)

The Heimdall Industries council consists of 6 members. These six members are the three elected members from within Heimdall Industries in addition to the three kings. The elected council members are voted on every 3 months. The Heimdal Industries council is designed to balance the power between the leadership of the guild and its members. Already, the kings of Heimdall Industries are more gratuitous than their ancestors.

The Jarls (Officers)

Jarls are the officers of Heimdall Industries overseeing or assigned to one of the main branches in the guild. Jarls are the most loyal and active members within the guild and have specialized roles and capabilities that enhance the overall productivity of Heimdall Industries.

Huskarl (Senior Members)

Huskarls are the members who have supported Heimdall industries for a longer period and do extra voluntary work to help the guild grow and prosper. Karl (Members)

The Karls

Anyone joining Heimdall Industries can expect to begin their journey as a Karl. Karls are all the official members of Heimdall Industries forming the backbone of the workforce.

Heimdall Industries Tools

Market Place Data Analyzer

Expert traders must know the best value for their goods and Heimdall Industries offers their own starship marketplace data analysis tool. Data columns allow its members to search for the best deals on ships in either $ATLAS or $USDC. Heimdall Industries marketplace data page also displays the current price of all

Star Atlas related cryptocurrencies. The Heimdall Industries market data tool can be found here.

SCORE Resupply Optimizer

Built on The Club’s open-source SCORE tool, Heimdall Industries enables a one stop shop for restocking one’s ships. The UI design is uniquely simple and doesn’t require mass clicking and scrolling when compared to the Star Atlas SCORE UI. The countdown timer on the right side displays when the next ship will need resupply. A user’s inventory is displayed on the top for easy reference. All-in-all, this optimizer is an efficient way for shipbuilders and ship owners to manage their fleet. The SCORE tool can be found here.

Disclaimer: The Heimdall Industries SCORE tool is non-audited software built on The Club’s source code for use in Star Atlas.


Heimdall Industries is a small yet powerful, tight-knit community of industrial minded players and protectors. Their goals of prosperity, protection, and peace will make their guild a highly sought after resource for many. Their influence will have a stabilizing effect both on the Star Atlas community and economy. We wish Heimdall Industries much fortune in the future and look forward to future partnerships.


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