Dark Matter Calls On Interstellar Alliance For Transparency

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On Saturday, a heated exchange occurred between the leaders of Dark Matter and the Interstellar Alliance. Dark Matter is a self described Ustur pirate guild led by Mjr [Major] Eazy. The Interstellar Alliance is led by Kristian Dragnel and is a multi-faction organization the represents some of the largest DACs in Star Atlas. The exchange erupted in the wake of SCREAM gameplay mechanics reveal over the weekend. In the SCREAM reveal, Factions would be prohibited from directly visiting or trading with other Factions within the game. This presents a problem for multi-faction DACs as segments of their membership could be at odds with one another. In light of this information, Mjr Eazy called for greater transparency from multi-faction DACs and their intentions for SCREAM. In his discourse, Mjr Eazy likened the Interstellar Alliance to a corrupt version of the United Nations, determined to establish a galactic order for the benefit of a few. Dragnel took offense to the baseless accusations and called for proof of Mjr Easy’s claims. Kristian’s response echoed the ideals of the United Metaverse Accords.

Understanding Dark Matter’s Argument

After the dialogue, Mjr Eazy admitted that he had been antagonistic towards Kristian and other leaders of Interstellar Alliance. However, his intentions remained clear in calling for greater transparency and assurance from larger guilds and multi-faction DACs. In both the real world and MMO games, large groups of people have sought to take advantage of existing systems to retain power over smaller groups. In his argument, Mjr Easy asserted that the existing world hegemony benefited very few at the top while many suffered below, all under the guise of a more equitable society. Mjr Easy’s concerns stem from narratives in games like EVE Online where large groups of players control a disproportionate amount of resources and power, forcing smaller players into guild servitude in order to advance. While Mjr Easy’s uneasiness about larger governmental organizations, namely Star Atlas multi-faction DACs is valid, there is no proof that the Interstellar Alliance is guilty of any of the accusations that Mjr Easy levied.

Interstellar Alliance’s Response

Leading the response for Interstellar Alliance, Kristian Dragnel attempted to ease Mjr Easy’s concerns. Dragnel stated that the Interstellar Alliance is committed to its ideals established under the United Metaverse Accords. Collectively known as the United Metaverse Organization, member DACs of Interstellar Alliance represent all three Star Atlas Factions. Dragnel response included links to all of Interstellar’s public meetings that are recorded.

In response to Eazy’s questions about SCREAM, Dragnel responded “We will focus on building the metaverse civilization and society where we will trade, educate, and create jobs for people. For all of this to be available to all factions…we will rather trade then attack each other.” Dragnel’s comments reiterate that signatory DACs will not permitted to attack or antagonize one another, regardless of faction. Mr. Dragnel continued that Interstellar would defend its interests if provoked, but would not be antagonistic towards members.

However, a few key questions remain. While Interstellar Alliance is committed to peace, how will it enforce orderly behavior of member DACs? Should there be conflicting interest, how will these issues be adjudicated and resolved. Should the initial SCREAM map be small and confined, Interstellar’s current structure may prove difficult to implement. If the SCREAM galaxy is large enough for all, then Interstellar stands a greater chance of succeeding in its core mission. While, Interstellar Alliance has answered the call to a peaceful SCREAM approach, the question still exists for other large multi-faction DACs. How will they proceed in SCREAM? If the exchange between Dark Matter and Interstellar Alliance is any indicator, diplomatic relations in SCREAM are off to a rough start.

Editors Note on International Politics: Interstellar’s structure is highly reminiscent of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO. NATO is an alliance of mostly Western nations organized for collective defense following World War Two. In response Soviet Union and its allies formed an opposing alliance known as The Warsaw Pact to balance against NATO. Through the course of human history, there has been relatively few periods of time where there was one dominant hegemony. The Unipolar Moment, a period of relative peace led by the United States following the collapse of the Soviet Union, lasted for only 30 years. The more natural state of politics is to see multiple entities to balance one another in what is known as a multi-polar order. Will another alliance form to balance Interstellar Alliance?

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