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As Star Atlas prepares to release their new mini-game module SAGE, many players wondered, “What is the best Star Atlas ship to buy”? This question is the focus of much debate and there are many factors to consider.

Star Atlas ships cover a wide range of sizes and classes. From XX-Small to Commander and Titan sized ships, Star Atlas has a stunning array of ships to chose from. Ships also cover a plethora of functions, including fighters, bombers, transport, and bounty hunting just to name a few.

Current Star Atlas Best Ships

Until now, there has been two schools of thought on which Star Atlas ships to purchase:

  1. Buy the ships that fit your play style or budget
  2. Buy any ships that return the most APY from the Faction Fleet mini-game.

The first option is pretty straight forward. Buy what you like and buy what you can afford. The second option requires a little more analysis, but essentially comes down to buying the best valued ship at the time and enlisting it into Faction Fleet to maximize your return yield. However, it’s well known that eventually Faction Fleet will be phased out, thus Option 2 will no longer be a viable model, leaving many to wonder “What’s next”?

SAGE Basics

Lets cover some basics about SAGE:

  • SAGE will be a real time strategy like game
  • Players will compete for territorial control against other factions
  • Fleet firepower will be an important metric in combat

Still, that doesn’t help answer the question of what’s best.

For SAGE, players can certainly still buy what they want and like. All manner of ship types and sizes will be needed in SAGE, especially when it comes to star base construction which is required to claim territorial control of star systems. Bombers will play an important role in taking down star bases and transport ships will haul valuable materials to and from stations.

Today, Game Dev Chip revealed how a ship’s value and components factor into its performance in SAGE.

Alpha drop — Courtesy of Game Dev Chip, this little alpha drop should help clarify that answer a bit. Rarity doesn’t matter for SAGE.

SAGE — Rare Ships Doesn’t Mean Better!

From a manufacturing standpoint, rare ships may certainly be more difficult to obtain and thus more valuable on the market. However, from an overall SAGE standpoint, it would appear that the best value would be to purchase a ship with the best overall combat stats, regardless of rarity.

If your goal is to buy the best bang for your buck, check out these combat ships below. Remember, depending on current market prices, it might actually be okay to go with a cheaper ship if the more powerful one is overvalued.

Best Firepower for Value Ships by Size Class

XX-Small: Pearce X4

X-Small: Pearce X5

Small: Fimbul BYOS Earp

Medium: Pearce F4/Fimbul Mamba (Tie)

Large: Ogrika Thripid

Capital: Pearce C9/VZUS ballad (Tie)

CommanderFIMBUL BYOS Tankship

Its no surprise that the most powerful ships for value are fighter ships. Again, don’t feel like you have to buy fighters if your goal is to manufacture and transport in the game. Then again, your fleets may need protection at some point and its always good to know which ships are the best out there.

Do you agree or disagree with the ratings? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to hit follow for more Star Atlas news and coverage.

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