Meet Me At The Bounty Bar, Artist Shaddix New Single Takes Flight

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Metaverse artist and singer Shaddix recently released a new single “The Bounty Bar” featuring The Moon Man and Santi is making cosmic waves in the Star Atlas music scene.

The below is a summation of the April 7th interview of artist Shaddix by The Moon Man.

“Every bounty near and far, lights up like a shooting star”

Inspired by his love of music, gaming, and all things Star Atlas, Shaddix’s single has managed to deliver instant success to the Star Atlas musical industry. Shaddix credits his successful creativity to his spirituality, musical passion, and daily lifestyle of positivity. In fact, it was during one of Shaddix’s trips to the Church of Iron (or gyms as some people call them) where the inspiration for “The Bounty Bar” struck. Between exercises, the lyrics for his next eventual single would spring from his head.

Some of Shaddix’s current musical inspirations are bands like Linkin Park, The Foo Fighters, and the Trance-Electronic Genre. Audibly present in “The Bounty Bar” is a steady electronic beat that’s sure to get anybody moving whether on the dance floor, in the gym, or at work. For his most recent work, Shaddix credits his frequent visits to The Bounty Bar in his personal VSUZ ambwe as the foundation for his song. When not making music, Shaddix moonlights as a bounty hunter himself. Disharmonious bandits beware!

“Just go out there and create. Don’t be afraid of the failure”

As an astute practitioner of the art of meditation, Shaddix finds that the calming practice helps bring about the strength to create, in his case, music. For content creators, especially new ones, it can be difficult to find your own voice. There is often a self imposed pressure to perform to a high standard, which in turn can lead to self doubt and harmful self critique. To any creators out there struggling with the fear of criticism, Shaddix offers this advice. Just go out there and create. Don’t be afraid of the failure of what they say about you. It can be daunting to expose your creative self to others. When you unleash your creations, no one can stop you.

What’s next for Shaddix?

For now, Shaddix’s near term goals are fixed on producing more exciting musical content for the Star Atlas community. No matter what their affiliation, Shaddix envisions his music as uniting disparate groups of the Star Atlas community through song. Nearly anything can be an opportunity to create new music for the community. One day, Shaddix hopes to create his own decentralized music label within Star Atlas, enabling other artists to reach their dreams. Ideally, this will create a more sustainable way to produce music outside of the traditional music labels dominating the music industry today.

(The Hologram previously reported on how Web 3.0 will change the music industry)

If Shaddix ever performs live in a Star Atlas concert, you can be sure that The Hologram will be there to cover it.

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