In SAGE, Multifaction Guilds Hold Key Combat Advantage

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In SAGE, the upcoming web game module for Star Atlas, the three Council of Peace factions will compete with one another for territorial conquest. This includes attacking other factions, furthering strategic objectives.

Until recently, many contemplated how multifaction guilds would handle faction aligned combat in SAGE. The release of the SAGE Game Manual has answered many of those long standing questions.

While the manual largely reaffirms that SAGE will be driven largely by players contributing towards faction objectives, there is one key mechanic in play.

Multifaction guilds can ally two factions in combat

SAGE Game Manual: Combat Excerpt

There are no 3-way battles. If a fleet belonging to a third faction elects to participate in a battle already initiated by the two other factions, they must select which side they intend to support.

This combat mechanic allows the members of one guild, belonging to two different factions, the opportunity to work cross-faction and attack and defend against the third faction in the triad.

A guild may strategically place or reinforce its positions along border territories using the combat power of two of its member factions, giving them significant strategic advantaged and operational flexibility.

Large Star Atlas guilds like Quimera and The Club recently have publicly confirmed their guild’s multifaction statuses. Combat oriented pilots and groups should pay heed to the implications of two on one faction combat, particularly when operating in the border regions of two factions.

Cross-Faction Diplomacy Possible; Likely Inevitable

Although multifaction guilds hold organizational advantages in SAGE, new avenues for influence shaping are possible for small guilds or single faction guilds as well.

The “2 vs 1″ combat mechanic will inevitably drive open diplomacy between groups in SAGE regardless of faction. Either out of desire or sheer survival necessity, smaller organizations can now enact treaties with organizations of another faction to defend against larger guild-states.

Likewise, in any particular region, small fleets may choose to form defensive pacts with neighboring groups or factions, thus deterring potential aggressors. Conversely, on the more aggressive front, single faction guilds of two different factions may choose to ally with one another and go to war with a guild of the third faction.

While this new combat mechanic only warrants two sentences in the game manual, its presence has the ability to dramatically shape the way SAGE is played by both big and small guilds alike. With SAGE’s upcoming release, the political and geographic boundaries of Galia will quickly be drawn.

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