Valannia Grand Assembly I and II Recaps

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Valannia Grand Assembly I

Pre-Register: Valannia has surpassed 5300 pre-registrations and is on track to achieve its goals.

BinStarter Partnership: Valannia has partnered with BinStarter, a launchpad platform for the release of their token.

Valannia Gateway: The referral system is being developed and will offer a 20% referral bonus.

Sneak Peeks: The Tyxen Colossus model is almost finished, and the Glorb Hero animation is nearing completion.

Dawn of Heroes: Origin | PRE-SALE & WHITELIST OPEN:

  • Ring Holders have an exclusive Pre-Sale with a 20% discount until April 12th.
  • The Whitelist offers a 10% discount and is open to everyone, including Ring Holders.
  • There are 200 whitelist spots available through a Subber campaign ending on April 9th.
  • An “Engage” bot allows users to accumulate points for future Whitelist spots or other campaigns.
  • If you miss the minting process, you can purchase Heroes on the secondary market.

NFT: Grand Assembly I: An NFT has been created for attendees of the inaugural Grand Assembly, and details on claiming it will be announced soon.

Valannia Grand Assembly II

Rewards for Participation: Participants of the event received a special recognition, and the first two Grand Assembly badges will be distributed in May.

Pre-Sale Overview: 225 heroes were minted in the pre-sale for Valannium Ring holders.

Details of the Minting Process: During minting, you can only choose the race, while the hero, border, and abilities are randomly selected.

Steps to follow:

  1. Have USDC in Phantom Wallet or Solflare Wallet.
  2. Go to:
  3. Choose your Race.
  4. Select the MINT button.
  5. Pay transaction fees.

Appearance Changes with Hero Borders: Hero borders allow you to change your in-game appearance.

What can we expect after the Minting?: An NFT ranking, DOH: Adventure (a staking system for heroes), guild registrations, and the introduction of magic scrolls.

Dawn of Heroes: Adventure: This mode allows players to stake their heroes in different locations to find resources and level up.

Commemorative Badges and Special Giveaway: The second badge, Tyxen, will be distributed in the Second Grand Assembly. A giveaway of 1x OG Hero was conducted, and ‘Lunaticx’ was the winner.

Development Updates:

  • Valannia Arena: Progress on character abilities, gameplay implementation, level design, and UI/UX.
  • DAPP: The third version of the DAPP is ready, including hero minting, market, and inventory. Backend programming and blockchain development are also complete.


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