Star Atlas launches into Escape Velocity, Putting Solana to the Test

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Star Atlas Escape Velocity is a mini-game test module designed to stress-test and demonstrate the utility of the Solana blockchain for gaming applications.

On Wednesday, Star Atlas released another Solana blockchain mini-game titled Escape Velocity. Within the first 36 hours of launch, Escape Velocity totaled over 1,000,000 transactions and 4,000 active players; accounting for over 2% of transactions on the Solana blockchain. These numbers demonstrated a resurgence in a game that was thought to be on its last legs.

Key Highlights:

  • Over 1,000,000 transactions for Escape Velocity since release
  • Over 4,000 active unique wallets
  • Players claim prizes distributed throughout the game
  • Despite the huge transaction numbers, only ~5% of total prize volume has been reached

Escape Velocity Surpasses 1 million Transaction Mark

In just the first 36 hours of launch, the game Escape Velocity has surpassed the 1 million transaction mark, accounting for over 2% of Solana transactions. This is despite the fact that Star Atlas’s game server StarCom experienced several outages during the first few hours of launch. However, by early Thursday morning, most major disruption issues had been worked out and Escape Velocity was truly living up to its name.

Escape Velocity Stress Test Solana Network

In Escape Velocity, players move their ships on a 101×101 cartesian square map. There are 10,201 grids for players to choose to move their ships to. Each move to another grid is an on-chain transaction for Solana. Players are incentivized to move from square to square to discover loot, prizes which range in value from a few cents to one-hundred thousand dollars.

Escape Velocity Loot Table

Escape Velocity Paves Way For Full Star Atlas Game

Escape Velocity is the first in a series of module released this year from Star Atlas. The purpose of Escape Velocity is to demonstrate the robustness of the Solana blockchain while also developing the underlying technology that will be the foundation for the full Star Atlas SAGE game. SAGE will be a space-strategic MMO with full on-chain actions, thus demonstrating the capability of Escape Velocity was a necessary step. Economists and blockchain engineers at Star Atlas are gathering valuable insights and data to further improve the game for its community.

Escape Velocity Sets Up Mining, Crafting, and PVP

Later this year, Star Atlas will launch additional modules that involve players mining, crafting, and combat with fully on-chain mechanics. Each subsequent iteration is a conscience build on the previous module that will eventually lead to a full on-chain game. As a test, Escape Velocity will eventually conclude.

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