Super Phoenix DAO CORE Data Cube NFT Mint June 26th

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The CORE Data Cube NFT collection mint launches Wednesday June 26th with a Whitelist presale window open from 16:00 UTC to 18:00 UTC. This initial purchase window allows Whitelist address owners the ability to mint up to 4 Data Cube NFTs at a discounted price of 1.25 Sol or (60,000 Atlas).

The Public sale window begins Wednesday, June 26th at 18:00 UTC and will run for three days closing at 18:00 UTC Saturday June 29th, or sooner in the event the full collection is minted out. The public mint has no limit to the number purchased per wallet and will be listed at a price of 1.5 Sol or (74,000 Atlas).

CORE Data Cube NFT sales will be held directly on the DAO website, A new “mint” page navigation tab will be made available, connect your Solana wallet, and purchase the Data Cubes directly.

The rarity of CORE Data Cubes is randomized and based on total supply of each tier as a percentage of the total collection supply. The rarity will be revealed to each buyer on the Mint page at the time of purchase. The estimated USD value of future air drops increase with rarity at each level ranging from ~$115.00 for Tier 1 up to ~$13,200 for Tier 5. Only rarities 1-5 will be available at mint, Tier 6 Data Cubes can only be acquired via The Merge.

In the event the Data Cube NFTs are not sold out by close on June 29th, the team will retain the remaining unsold supply for DAO token staking integration and direct sales later in the year. Team retained unsold NFTs from the mint will NOT be listed on the secondary market prior to the Merge or the ship drop, as to not interfere with NFT holder market activity.

Merge CORE Data Cube NFTs to gain one of higher rarity

Following the close of the Data Cube mint, there will be a two-week period called “The Merge” where holders will have the ability to combine lower Tier CORE Data Cube NFTs and merge them into higher Tier NFTs prior to the reward air drop schedule. This event will be slated for the end of July which allows for an open trading period of a few weeks on Magic Eden. Holders who minted and those who wish to acquire more or specific rarity NFTs can strategically do so prior to The Merge event.

Secondary market trading will continue indefinitely, however, once The Merge event is complete, final rarity supply numbers are locked in for the overall collection permanently. There will be no cap on the number of Data Cube NFTs that can be merged by any holder during the two-week window.

The Merge event will become available on the DAO website via a navigation tab that will be made available at that time. This page will allow holders to connect a wallet and select which Data Cube NFTs they choose to combine via The Merge in order to claim a newly minted higher rarity Tier NFT.

The conversion ratios are currently noted on the NFT details page at

(2) Tier 1 can be converted to (1) Tier 2

(2) Tier 2 can be converted to (1) Tier 3

(3) Tier 3 can be converted to (1) Tier 4

(3) Tier 4 can be converted to (1) Tier 5

(3) Tier 5 can be converted to (1) Tier 6

CORE Data Cube holders guaranteed future Air Drops:

The schedule Air Drop rewards initially planned include:

  • Star Atlas Ogrika ship drop based on Data Cube rarity level.
  • Super Phoenix DAO NFT Poster based on Data Cube rarity level.
  • Super Phoenix DAO NFT Badge (only available to original mint buyers).
  • Whitelist pre-sale access to Interior Ship Land Habitation plots for holders.
  • The potential for future drops is in discussion with future details to come.
  • DAO Token allocations (Ember) will be distributed via an NFT staking program.

NFT Staking Rewards NFT Holders with $EMBER

The NFT staking program will replace an original generic airdrop of DAO tokens to NFT holders. This will help support long term NFT value in addition to rewarding active community participants willing to stake NFTs and participate in future DAO governance. This also removes the need for a token lockup period for NFT holders as the staking reward emissions rate will regulate circulating supply overtime.

The DAO token pool will now provide the potential for higher token rewards to NFT stakers than the minimum reward values noted in the whitepaper as original airdrop figures, now that any excess token allocations abandoned by non-stakers will be proportionally distributed to those actively participating. The emissions will be set at a rate that still provides the minimum allocation noted for each rarity Tier in the event staking participation is 100%. The value will increase overtime and benefit long term stakers in the event not all NFTs are actively staked by distributing the unclaimed share to those participating.

In the event the original mint is not fully subscribed by June 29th, the intent will be to offer common Tier Data Cubes directly for sale via a fixed price in DAO Tokens. This potential secondary offering would allow for the compounding of NFT staker earnings throughout the period the NFT staking pool exists. The total pool of DAO tokens allocated to this offering will equal 150% of the total allocation originally noted in the whitepaper and the exhaustion of this pool will depend on the level of participation by stakers.

To maintain the higher levels of DAO token allocation associated with each rarity Tier Data Cube NFT, the emission rate will include a multiplier at each level equivalent to the value increase of each Tier. For example, a Tier 2 (Uncommon) Data Cube will accrue Dao tokens at a rate of 2X compared to a Tier 1 (Common) Data Cube during the same period of time.

The NFT staking program is projected to come online immediately following the DAO Token public launch in parallel to the longer-term DAO token stake pool that will become the mechanism for Super Phoenix DAO voting and governance.

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